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Here at Cheval Starbox Haulage, no is not an option.

We are always looking to adapt and meet our customers' requirements. Abnormal load, courier service, container movement or heavy machinery we can accommodate anything.

Our team are experienced in overcoming any challenges and we will work closely with our customers to get the loads completed.


​We have vans and trailers available for packages or loads less than 2 tonnes. This is a brilliant solution to keep costs down on smaller loads.


If you have any wide, high or heavy loads that require transporting, we can accommodate this. We have previously worked with escorting companies and are equipped with all the correct signs and beacons needed for any specialist loads.


When our ramps are not suitable and customers need heavier machinery transported, we have low-loader trailers with ramps available to transport any type of machinery you may require. Our drivers are very hands-on and can often load themselves.

Want to enquire about our bespoke services?

Whatever your needs, we will find a solution. It all starts with a conversation.


Contact Ifan to get your free quote.

+44 7493 586759

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